Bennetts, Pugh tied atop the Storer leader board as June ends
updated: 26 June 2018
 Our Storer Trophy scoring system awards one participation point plus one point for each boat beaten
in the overall results of any event, best six event scores to count.

Wayfarers closed out their 2017 season in early November at the Old Brown Dog Regatta.

(180626) Racking up big points in both the Chester River Race and the North Americans at Rock Hall, the Pughs (David and Anne), the Bennetts (Marc and Julie) have taken a healthy lead atop the latest Storer Trophy standings.

Here are the top 12 helms as of 26 June 2018:
1= David Pugh 56

7. Richard Johnson
1= Marc Bennett 56
8. Tony Krauss 27
3= Sue Pilling 40
9= Dave McCreedy 23
3= Al Schonborn 40

9= Andrew Lockhart 23
5. Jim Heffernan 39

9= Dave Scheibner 23
6. AnnMarie Covington 33
12. Dave Moring 22

Complete up-to-date 26 standings as  June 2018 here.