Familiar Names in Storer Trophy Lead as two area championships near
updated: 6 June 2019
 Our Storer Trophy scoring system awards one participation point plus one point for each boat beaten
in the overall results of any event; the year's best six event scores to count.

Friday of the 2019 Midwinters:
(l to r) Jim Cook, Uwe Heine, Jim Heffernan, Paul Miller, Peggy Menzies, John Cadman, Al Schonborn, Dave Moring

(190606) With 33 points from three regattas sailed, Oakville, Ontario's David and Anne Pugh have moved into a comfortable lead in the 2019 Storer Trophy standings, ahead of another veteran Wayfarer couple, Jim and Linda Heffernan of Lake Townsend, North Carolina, who sit with 27 points after their three events sailed. Wayfarer newcomer, Peggie Menzies, is series 3rd with 24 points, two points up on Uwe Heine and wife, Nancy, also from Lake Townsend YC.

Very respectable placings at both Lansing and Bayview, have catapulted Michigan's Dave McCreedy and Angela Brazil into a 5th-place tie with Lake Eustis SC's Dave Moring and Arial Harrington. With still only one result in 2019, Al Schonborn and Shannon Donkin, cling to series 7th, just one point up on Lansing's Marc Bennett and wife, Julie, who are coming on fast after having to sit out the Midwinters.

Our "new" Connecticut Wayfarer, Paul and Dawn Miller, remains in the top 10 (9th) with 16 Midwinters points, one ahead of another pair of North Carolina teams, Jim Cook and Richard Johnson. Lake Eustis Wayfarer, John Cadman, rounds out the current top 12 at 13 points.

Here are the top 12 helms as of 6 June 2019:
1. David Pugh 33

7. Al Schonborn 15
2. Jim Heffernan 27
8. Marc Bennett 17
3. Peggy Menzies
9. Paul Miller 16
4. Uwe Heine 22

10= Jim Cook 15
5. Dave McCreedy

10= Richard Johnson 15
6. Dave Moring
12. John Cadman 13

Complete up-to-date standings as of 6 June 2019 here.