David & Anne Pugh win another close one,
edging out AnnMarie Covington and Marc Bennett
to win 2022 Storer Trophy

2022 final standings as of 7 December 2022 here.

 Our Storer Trophy scoring system awards one participation point plus one point for each boat beaten
in the overall results of any event; the year's best six event scores to count.

2022 repeat winners of the Storer Trophy, David and Anne Pugh (11222) looking great at the 2022 Worlds in Eustis

Marc Bennett and Julia Seraphinoff (l) holding off AnnMarie Covington and Gareth Ferguson in Worlds action

All the stars finally aligned in late August 2023 at Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club:
David and Anne were officially recognized as the 2022 winners of the Storer Trophy.

Here are the top 12 helms for Storer 2022:

1. David & Anne Pugh 79

7. Peggy Menzies, Kathy Sanville et al. 60
2. AnnMarie Covington, Gareth Ferguson et al. 78
8. Leo & Joanne Van Kampen 54
3. Marc Bennett/Julie Seraphinoff 76
9= Jim Heffernan & Sons et al 53
4. Sue Pilling/Steph Romaniuk 68

9= Ali Kishbaugh/Mike Sigmund et al. 53
5. Uwe Heine/Nancy Collins

11. Jan d'Ailly/Tom Legrady 42
6. Jim Cook/Mike Taylor 62
12. Dave & Ava Moring 40