Wayfarer Spirit
Participation Awards

(updated 13 January 2024)

Bronze Award: 20 or more events supported
Silver Award: 50 or more events supported
Gold Award: 100 or more events supported
Diamond Award: 250 or more events supported

Certificates can be applied for with a view to being awarded only at the CWA AGM (nearly too late for 2024) or at the Midwinters. Mike Codd will be making awards certificates for those planning to attend awards and will need to know no later than Friday 12 January what certificates will be needed for either of the awards ceremonies. Please contact Mike at

In case of discrepancy between your calculations and mine, your word will be accepted, especially if you can provide a list of events that I should add to your record. Cheers, Uncle Al  W3854

Check here to see if you qualify:
Participation record
Participation totals

Mistakes are inevitable in a monster task such as this.
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with any corrections you would like me to make.
"zz" before a name indicates "deceased but not forgotten"
Updates on this will be appreciated also.