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for North American Wayfarer racing

last updated: 6 May 2024
These seeds are calculated by keeping a record of the number of boats helm X beat and lost to in any given regatta, the result being looked at like baseball league standings, i.e. Won-Lost Pct.  e.g. 3-2   .600 
I look at only the helm's six most recently sailed events - some of which are not recent at all  :)   In the table, there are 15 cells to the right of helms' names: two (1. boats beaten  2. boats lost to) for each of six events plus a final pair for the overall won-lost totals with #15 with the percentage of competitors beaten. Now is that not simple???

I post, prior to each regatta, a PDF list of the helms in the order in which they are currently seeded. The scorers then look down that list for the names of those entered. The order in which they appear shows the seeds for that regatta.

I do my best to be accurate but have been known to make errors. Remember John Goldi who said to me over a post-club-race beer one time: "You know, Al, I don't mind being seeded 167th. What I object to is being listed behind two guys who are dead ..."

So. Are you the lucky person who is seeded 98th at this time? Are you listed behind anyone now competing in that great regatta in the sky?

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   Uncle Al W3854