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(last updated: 2 January 2023)
2023.01.02   Milton Parks - An American National Treasure - and we knew this fine gentleman
   beautifully edited Bob Stevenson 2016 Chesapeake video gem re-emerges
Wayfarer Fanfare (1989): The Wayfarer Stompers provide the very classy background to the Intro of Uncle Al's 4-disc coaching extravaganza.
4000 Miles in a Wayfarer (1991): Steve Clarke-Lens sails his W from the Ionian Islands in Greece to Egypt up the river Nile and back again.
Summer Cruise (1964): Frank Dye sails W48 from Scotland to Norway via Faroes
Wayfarer promotional classic: done in 1995 for CWA by award winners, John and Joan Goldi
Wayfarer Sailing Video 2006: a lovely "collage" by Kate Mellor
Wayfarer Sailing Video 2007: more great work by Kate Mellor
Wayfarer Sailing Video 2008: Kate Mellor does it again!!
Peter Rahn talks Wayfarers (1996)
Adults have fun learning to sail on Lake Ontario at TS&CC (2007)
Gary Hirsch solo on Michigan's Traverse Bay in Solje W1321 (2008)
Wayfarer planing off Roskilde, DK in early May 2009
Blind sailors feel Lake Ontario breeze (June 2009)
Wayfarer crew HD Webcam (April 2011)
A Professional Look at the Hartley Production Process by Roger Lennard (April 2012)
Mk IVs in Greece (2012)
Søren Svarre (W10649) provides a little taste of 2012 Danish Wayfarer action
spectacular video log created by "Eye of Quebec" Wayfarer adventurers (July 2012)
Other W videos are available on YouTube, working from the Kate Mellor (silencedbadger) videos
do feel free to let Uncle Al know of any other videos I should list here
suggestions from Robert Mosher (W3445)
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From: Robert Mosher  W3445
To: Al Schonborn
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 3:13 PM
Subject: Wayfarer/Youtube/UKlog

Dear Al: 

I love going on youtube and looking at sailing videos. Here are some of the best results for “Wayfarer Sail”, “Wayfarer Dinghy”, and some extras by the same. I though others might enjoy looking at what I think are the best new posts and older posts I had not found before:

Good sailing to you all!

Robert Mosher   W3445
praise from Robert Mosher (W3445) for new YouTube Wayfarer clip 
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From: Robert Mosher W3445
Sent: Friday, December 18, 2009 5:43 PM
Subject: youtube Wayfarer sail

Dear Al:

Here is a new video of a Wayfarer on you tube.  This one has good photography and editing.

Merry Christmas.