A Thumbnail History
of the
in North America and the world
the 1980's
..... .....
  • WW4 at Tawas, Michigan - Canadians, Chris and Carolyn Kofler (W4613) of TSCC first non-UK World champions!
  • gap between Worlds increased to 3 years - next Worlds set for Hayling Island in '83
  • formation of Wayfarer Association of Ireland which lasts only a couple of years
  • Wayland Marine offers wood kits in BC
  • Brian Love first to deliver CWA Yearbook at January AGM
  • George Smith to George Blanchard, Storer to Al & Julia Schönborn (only one loss in 1980: to Koflers at Worlds)
  • débuts: Don Gallagher W4406, Martin deBoer, Joel Hicks, Peter Rahn, Roger Redwin
  • Scandinavian champions: none?
  • Frank Dye starts north from Florida
  • first Mk III, W7579, as Bill Abbott ends Mk I production
  • WIC bans Mylar sails
  • Scandinavian champions: Lavge & H. Vedel (W3154)
  • George Smith to Fred & Anne McNutt
  • NAC at Metro Beach: thundersquall dumps entire fleet on Sat.; the next day, PRO, Bill Brockbank (of Frank Dye fame), treads water at leeward mark to signal course change - no "C" flag... 
  • Ontario Sailing Centre on Lake Couchiching: first Wayfarer Race Training Week followed by first Ontarios 
  • débuts: Bill Fyfe W6739, Ivan Pedersen W7350, Joe Schnur Jr., Bryan Sims W7218
  • George Smith to Hans & Mudl Gottschling
  • Don Gallagher Whiffle editor
  • Uncle Al becomes CWA Class Coach
  • North American W attendance record as 58 boats come to Belwood Lake for Canadian Nationals
  • midnight tornado moves beached W’s at US Nats
  • débuts: Ted Carter W3142, Robert Kennedy W3571, Roger Shepherd, Bill & Lois Stanbridge W6091, Scott Town, Darlene (Collins) Codd, Ian Brennan 
  • Scandinavian champions: none?
  • WW5: Ian Porter/Tim Hancock, W7588 (UK) become first to dominate fleet in winning the Worlds; Hayling’s expense demands 50-boat fleet
  • 143 W’s in Jubilee Race on Chichester Harbour 
  • Scandinavian champions: Niels & J. Ebbehøj (W4908)
  • George Blanchard arranges for Canadian & US Wayfarers to go (free) to Hayling via Wardair
  • Darlene Collins takes on Yearbook
  • Ken Elliott publishes Dinghy Cruising with Phillips
  • Geoff Heath (Maine) sails W north from civilization up Labrador coast
  • débuts: Rick Goldt W7660, Brian Hickman W6082
  • coaching: first Playfarer Day at TSCC attracts 80+
  • Ralph & Wilma Starke bring Al to coach McGregor Bay Fleet 
  • Hawkestone tradition begins with mid-August Ontarios
  • debuts: Jens Biskaborn W7663, Len & Betty Macdougall W6732, Dolores (Dicker) deBoer 
  • Scandinavian champions: Joel Bøgh/???? (W2006)
  • first Wayfarer MkIISD, W8040
  • Dyes do Christmas cruise in United Arab Emirates
  • George Smith to Ann Rogers & Carolyn Kofler 
  • Don Davis makes front page of Toronto Star as he revisits his European World War II past 40 years later
  • Uncle Al re-inherits Whiffle and creates Yearbook with regatta histories
  • débuts: Tim Hartley W6737, Dave Connor W3103, Hazel Hewitt W3469, Gord & Aaron Law W7941, Tom Wharton W3651, Patti Douglas
  • Scandinavian champions: Ernst Henriksen/???? (W5942)
  • WW6: friendliest Worlds as Ontario Sailing Centre and CWA’s "buddy" system keep sailors together; first Worlds Whiffle to introduce all the competitors
  • World champions: Julian Redman/Kevan Gibb, W8189 (UK)
  • CWA AGM: George Smith to Don Gallagher
  • most entertaining AGM slide show ever as Don Davis forgets script and ad libs
  • CWA débuts: Keith Kennedy W7928, Doug & Allen Gilchrist W7222
  • Scandinavian champions: O. & A. Hansen (W5466)
  • GM: Don Davis awarded George Smith Trophy
  • Race Training: week with Mike McNamara at TSCC
  • 25th Trout Lake Wayfarer Weekend - Fred McNutt wins Oldtimers’ Race
  • CWA débuts: Peter Ayres W3573, Brian Egan, Tim France W3136, Bob Steer & Rex Paget W8261
  • Danish champions: J. Ølund/??? (W4869)
  • Frank Dye reaches New York City
  • new W design: Mk I + Mk II combination = Mk IA (W8499)
  • Colin & Keith Boulton win both Nats in borrowed boat
  • Al wins Storer with 9 different crews!
  • Henry Croce dies at age 79
  • last of 26 Trout Lake Wayfarer Weekends
  • first Last-Shall-Be-First regatta at Hawkestone
  • Canadian W’s find Clark Lake Invitational Regatta
  • CWA débuts: Kevin Bugden W8332, Randy Park/Marg Buhlman W3613, John Cawthorne W442, John & Joan Goldi W8269, John-Joe O’Connell, Peter Kozak
  • Danish champions: Bjarne Lindquist/Carsten Hørlyck (W5436)
  • Norwegian champions: Ken Jensen (W5416)
  • WW7: windiest Worlds yet at Vallensbæk on Koge Bugt south of Copenhagen
  • World champions: Ian Porter/Simon Wetherill (W7588)
  • Denmark 'discovered' as hotbed of W enthusiasm
  • Danish champions: Bjarne Lindquist/Carsten Hørlyck (W5436)
  • Norwegian champions: J. Eskildsen/?? (W1354)
  • Bill Fyfe takes first Red Herring Trophy for W spirit donated by Don Gallagher
  • Storer awarded for best results from 2 Nats, Onts & NAC
  • CWA invents seeding system to select Most Improved in each event
  • 3 winter video parties to review 1988 - all guests sleep at Pocock’s when ice storm maroons them there
  • 10 CWA entries to Worlds highlighted by George Blanchard who also makes news by winning LSSA at age 75 - 25 years between George’s LSSA wins
  • Scott & Town Dawn W3120 rookies of the year at Nats
  • first Events Whiffle
  • débuts: Gord Leachman W7670, Paul & Mark Taylor W7673

the 1990's