April 1967



The Wayfarer Class, 16’ Sailing Dinghy,
Registered as a Class with the Canadian
Yachting Association


Help Celebrate Canada's Centennial:
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Canadian Wayfarer Owners' Association Executive
Hon. Commodore Don Rumble
Chairman George Blanchard
Secretary Ivar Zalitis
Treasurer Bernie Yale
Publicity Mike Schoenborn
Chief Measurer George Gordon
Editor Al Schoenborn


Springtime usually brings talk of preparations for the new season.  George Blanchard, our Commodore, suggested that I tell you all about our new fibreglass Wayfarers and the increase of spirit and interest in our fleets everywhere. Well, I'm not going to! I have something more important!

We have someone in our class who should be yachtsman of the year if he were "in" with the "yachts"; i.e., keelboats. Through ups and downs, he has been a living buoyancy compartment to the Wayfarer, giving constantly of his time and even his money to nurse the baby into the greatness for which our boat has the potential.

As a more recent Wayfarer sailor, my knowledge of George Blanchard's complete contributions to our class remains sketchy.  Briefly, George has sailed small boats since he was so high (sorry folks, I don't know how long he's been thanking the kitchen staffs).  He became the proud owner of BONNIE, W283 soon after the Wayfarer was introduced to Canada.  In '62 he was elected to the C.W.O.A. executive as Treasurer where he remained until '64 when he became Chairman, a position which he still holds.

In his capacity as Chairman, George has done about 95% of the work done by the executive from the compilation of a class history to negotiations with Ian Proctor, the Wayfarer designer.  George has written so many letters to keep things going on all fronts, one wonders about his secretary - a beautiful blonde, did you say, George?!!?? To other people outside our class, to the U.S., to everyone, George has been our P.R. man - symbolizing the Wayfarer as a fair and game competitor who is also the life of our social functions. To fellow Wayfarers, George is a constant, willing source of help and advice, in fact, for years we have LET GEORGE DO IT and it's time we at least said, "Thank you!!!"

Speaking, I am sure, for Canadian Wayfarers everywhere, this newsletter salutes George Blanchard as our outstanding Wayfarer ever.

* * *


The Association has a paid up membership of 125.  Many members are actively sailing out of yacht clubs located in Ontario & Quebec and interest in competitive racing is improving.

All scheduled club regatta races were well attended throughout the season. Twenty Wayfarers participated in the Canadian Championships at the LSSA Regatta held at Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club, July 1, 2 & 3.  Thirty-eight Wayfarers, including twenty-one from USA, participated in North American Championships held at Southport Sailing Club, Windsor, Sept. 3, 4 & 5.  United States Fleets are increasing and 28 participated in the American Championships at Stony Creek, Rochester, Michigan.

The United States and Canadian Association Executive Boards meet annually to ensure that Class and Measurement Rules are in agreement and adhered to by members of both Associations.  Joint racing programs are planned to enable competitive racing in USA and Canada.

Since 1959, over 1400 Wayfarers have been sold in UK, USA and Canada.  The new fibreglass Wayfarer is now accepted by all Associations and is becoming very popular.

The Canadian Wayfarer Owners' Association is financially sound and the new Executive is now planning a more aggressive participation in racing competition during 1967. Following are racing highlights of 1966:

May 28-29: Chicago Invitational Burnham Park YC Al Schoenborn/Roy Coleman  TSCC
June 11-12: International Invitational Regatta Conestoga SC, Kitchener Peter & Maggie Bassin  CSC
June 18: Open Regatta National YC, Toronto Alan Chovil RCYC
June 25: Open Regatta Royal Canadian YC, Tor. Jim Clelland  RCYC
July 1,2,3: LSSA Regatta Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club Mike Schoenborn QCYC
July 1,2,3 Canadian Wayfarer Championship Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club Mike Schoenborn QCYC
July 23: Open Regatta Yacht Club Port Credit Peter Friedenberg BHYC
July 16-17: National Capital Regatta Royal Britannia YC, Ottawa Grant Richardson RBYC
July 16: Open Regatta Boulevard Club, Toronto Jim Clelland RCYC
July 31: Wayfarer Cruise Race Trout Lake Sailing Fleet, North Bay Don Rumble TLSF
Aug. 1&2: Hill Crawford Memorial Series Trout Lake Sailing Fleet, North Bay Al Schoenborn/Roy Coleman TSCC
Aug. 13,14: USA Championships Stony Creek, Rochester, Michigan Don Healy Fleet 2
Aug. 14: Open Regatta Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club Mike Schoenborn QCYC
Aug. 20: C.N.E. Open Regatta C.N.E., Toronto George Blanchard TSCC
Aug. 27: C.N.E. Open Regatta C.N.E., Toronto George Blanchard TSCC
Sept. 3-5: Wayfarer North Americans South Port SC, Windsor Don Healy Fleet 2
Sept. 11: Open Regatta Ashbridges Bay YC Laurie Oxenham TSCC
Sept. 17: Open Regatta Queen City YC George Blanchard  TSCC
Sept. 25-26: Michigan Invitational Lake Orion Boat Club, Michigan Don Healy Fleet 2
Oct. 15,16: Lake Margrethe Invitational Fleet 2, USA Don Healy Fleet 2
Nov. 6: U.S.A. frostbite Kent Lake, Michigan Bill Worrall Fleet 2

Regular newsletters are mailed to each member to keep them well informed of the association's activities during the season.  Due to the resignation of Dr. Laurie Oxenham, Treasurer, and Harry Jones, Chief Measurer, we have appointed Mr. Bernard Yale as Treasurer and Mr. George Gordon as Chief Measurer to the 1967 Executive Board.  I wish to thank Dr. Oxenham and Harry Jones for the splendid service rendered to the Canadian Wayfarer Association both in competitive racing in Canada and U.S.A. and in carrying out their duties so efficiently.

Following is the revised list of your 1967 Executive Board:-

 Chairman: George Blanchard, 38 Sunnybrae Cres. Tor. 15  767-9616
 Secretary: Ivar Zalitis, 154 Woodycrest Ave. Tor. 6
 Treasurer: Bernard Yale, 95 Tavistock Rd., Downsview, Ont.  633-5553
 Editor: Al Schoenborn, 24 Farrell Ave., Willowdale, Ont.  222-6074
 Chief Measurer: George Gordon, 95 Cranbrook Rd., Tor. 12   487-0710
 Publicity: Mike Schoenborn, 13 Ojibway Ave., Algonquin Island, Toronto 2, Ont.  364-6844
 Hon. Commodore: Don Rumble, 4 Ralph Place, Ferris, North Bay, Ont. Area Code 705 - 472-6843

On behalf of the Executive Board we extend our thanks to the members for the fine support given during the 1966 season. We now look forward to another successful year of active sailing and competitive racing in 1967.

The opening of the 1967 Sailing season is fast approaching. We anticipate a more active participation of Wayfarer owners at the local and out-of-town regattas.  At present, the USA Association is finalizing their program - including the running of the North American Championships.

Following is our tentative Canadian program for 1967. Some dates (asterisk) are still to be confirmed by out of town Fleets and we request that the CWOA be advised as soon as possible.  Final joint USA & Canadian program will then be issued.

June 3 Royal Canadian Yacht Club Regatta, Toronto
*June 10,11 Conestoga Sailing Club Regatta, Kitchener
June 17 National YC Regatta, Toronto
June 17,18 Eastern W Championships, Stone SC, Maldon, Essex, England
*July 1 Royal Hamilton YC Regatta, Hamilton
*July 1,2 St. Lawrence Valley YRA Regatta, Montreal
July 1,2 Lake Sailing Skiff Association Regatta, Queen City YC, Toronto
July 8 Bronte Harbour YC Regatta, Bronte
July 8,9 Canadian Wayfarer Championships, Bronte Harbour YC, Bronte
July 15 Boulevard Club Regatta, Toronto
July 15,16 National Capital Regatta, Britannia YC, Ottawa
July 22 Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club Regatta, Toronto
July 29 Yacht Club of Port Credit Regatta, Port Credit
Aug. 5 Wayfarer Cruise Race, Trout Lake Sailing Fleet, North Bay
Aug. 6,7 Hill Crawford Memorial Series, Trout Lake Sailing Fleet, North Bay
Aug. 12 Island Yacht Club Regatta, Toronto
Aug. 18,19 Western Wayfarer Championships, Falmouth, England
Aug. 19 CNE Races, Toronto
Aug. 26 CNE Races, Toronto
*Sept. 2,3,4 North American Championships.  Location not confirmed by USA
Sept. 4,5,6 Southern Wayfarer Championship, Lilliput SC, Poole, Dorset, Eng.
Sept. 7,8,9 National Wayfarer Championship, Lilliput SC, Poole, Dorset, Eng.
Sept. 9 Ashbridges Bay YC Regatta, Toronto
Sept. 16 Queen City YC Regatta, Toronto
Sept. 23 Oshawa YC Regatta, Oshawa
Sept. 30 Bronte Harbour YC (One of a Kind Races)

We extend a warm welcome to the following new owners to the Association:
1. Mr. Arthur Lee-White, Rothesay Yacht Club, New Brunswick, (Wooden Boat)
2. Mr. J. R. MacFarlane, Rothesay Yacht Club, New Brunswick, (Wooden Boat)
3. Mr. J. A. Caskey, Rothesay Yacht Club, New Brunswick, (Fibreglass Boat)
4. Mr. Lorne Mann, Windsor (Wooden Boat)
5. Mr. Peter Layne, Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club (Fibreglass Boat)
6. Mr. Darrell Hicks, Bronte Harbour Yacht Club (W46) (see photo below!)
7. Mr. Sid Atkinson, Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club (W618)


This photo doesn't show it, but it brings to mind that Darrell ended up with the most distinctive wooden mast in Wayfarers - a barber pole pattern: alternating red and white stripes winding their way up the mast!
The effort of Bruce Tennant at Rothesay Yacht Club, New Brunswick, is certainly splendid - with 3 new owners joining the Fleet.  Good work, Bruce, and the Best of Luck to you and the new owners.  Bronte Harbour Yacht Club has finally nabbed Darrell Hicks into their fleet. Congratulations.  Two Toronto Sailing Club members have moved into the Wayfarer Class and we in Toronto anticipate keen competition, as Sid was a top Blue Jay sailor and Peter a Beaver dinghy sailor. We are sure that Lorne Mann will be sailing at South Port Sailing Club and enjoying terrific competitive sailing against local and USA sailors.  Very best to you, Lorne.

A hearty welcome is extended by all Wayfarers to any new Wayfarer about whom we have not received word. We want to know about you, and would appreciate hearing from you.

We are very impressed with the gradual increase to fibreglass boats in the Fleets. Bernard Yale's new boat in light blue hull with dark blue decking is a terrific looking boat, and the envy of us Wooden Boat owners. We certainly like the workmanship and colour scheme.

It would certainly be appreciated if the various areas will report on their coming activities for 1967 and the complete list of boats in their Fleet including Committee or Fleet representatives.  Our listing includes only the paid up members on the Association Register and therefore, non-members would not receive Class Rules or Newsletters.

Best of Luck and good sailing 1967.

George T. Blanchard Chairman, C.W.O.A.


Don Healy, Avon Sailcraft, Rochester, Michigan, will be manufacturing the fibreglass Wayfarer for USA market. We hear that a mold has now arrived from UK, so manufacturing should start shortly.

Croce & Lofthouse Sailcraft, Toronto, is still North American Distributors for Wayfarers and upon receipt of orders, immediate dispatch from UK can be made.


Following is the present list of representatives for Areas as indicated:
Fleet #
# of boats registered
Metro Toronto & Suburbs
Ivar Zalitis
North Bay
Ken Holloway
Grant Richardson
Mrs. R. Gibney
Pete Hanson & R. Walker
Ron Gillespie
St. Lawrence Valley/Quebec
John Green
Dr. F.P. Hulke
New Brunswick
Bruce Tennant
Nova Scotia
D. Youle

In order to improve and promote competitive racing in Canada it is suggested that Fleets be established, based on the number of boats located in a specific area, and/or by combining smaller groups into larger Fleets where practical. Following is the proposal on which your comments would be appreciated, in order to work out a suitable Fleet grouping base on minimum of three to start a Fleet.


April 67 W News - part 2