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NOOD Annapolis * May 5-7, 2023

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Uncle Al's report: 11 May 2023 at 1257 hrs

New Wayfarers Rocket to the Top in Annapolis NOOD Regatta

After making their Wayfarer debut in last year's HOT Regatta on North Carolina's Lake Townsend, Maryland's John Driver and wife, Mary, made their second Wayfarer sortie in the Annapolis NOOD Regatta May 5-7. And a spectacular performance it was! The Drivers (below) who were seeded 5th in the six-boat NOOD Wayfarer fleet, placed 1-1-1 in Friday's medium winds and coasted to victory in the six-race series (one more race Saturday plus two on the Sunday) from there. Needless to say, John and Mary were the six-boat Wayfarer fleet's Most Improved team, the first time ever that a team seeded so low in Wayfarers has won an event. Congratulations, Mary and John!

In response to my request for more information, John replied as follows:

From: John and Mary Driver
Sent: Monday, May 8, 2023 10:26 PM
To: Uncle Al

Hi Uncle Al,

 ... We were over the moon with our NOOD result. The winds were light and the current was very strong. As we have sailed and raced in the Annapolis area over the years, we had a big advantage over most of the other Wayfarers that were racing there for the first time.

As you pointed out, I am from the UK where I grew up sailing Optimists, Enterprises, Fireballs, Contenders, and 505’s. I came to the US a number of years ago for my job where I met my wife, Mary, who is from Illinois and convinced her that she would love sailing. We then bought a keelboat (J105) and raced her in Annapolis. Having an opportunity to take early retirement, we jumped at the chance to buy a cruising boat and head across the Atlantic spending several years cruising the Mediterranean around Greece, Turkey,  Italy,  etc. It was a wonderful opportunity and we had an unbelievable time. 

After returning to the US in 2018 and selling our cruising boat in 2021, we decided our next adventure would be for me to return to dinghy sailing and for Mary to begin (learn) dinghy sailing. After a look around at possible boats we decided that the Wayfarer was the boat for us. We were then lucky enough to pick up one of the Wayfarers that were delivered to the US for the World Championships in March 2022. 

After some practicing we decided to head down to North Carolina for the HOT regatta where we met up with all the local sailors who were extremely welcoming. We were given lots of help on what makes a Wayfarer sail fast and we were very pleased to be able to finish mid-fleet. We are now looking forward to several Wayfarer regattas in 2023 and continuing to meet other sailors.  


Best regards,




Wayfarer 11384 - Sirocco

(l to r) Peggy Menzies, Will Helmen, Wayfarer Fleet Mom Ali Kishbaugh

Things looked grim for top-seeded Peggy Menzies of Michigan's Crescent Sail YC who had to pick up son, Will Helmen, coming in from Arizona State Unviversity at the BWI airport on Friday morning and missed the race 1 start by two minutes but avoided the start time limit and a DNS by three minutes. After scoring a less than stellar 5-3-4 on the Friday, Peggy and Will rounded into expected form with 1-1-2 finishes on the next two days to take series Silver.

It was Bronze for Lake Townsend's AnnMarie Covington and Gareth Ferguson who ended their series with an impressive last-minute come-back first-place finish the the finale. AnnMarie's LTYC clubmates, Ali Kishbaugh and Mike Sigmund, had an auspicious Friday, scoring 3-2-2 which left them a clear second as folks headed to the bar. But the light, flukey airs of the next two days were less to their tastes, bringing them 6-5-6 finishes and Ali and Mike ended up series 5th as fellow North Carolinians, Richard Johnson and wife, Michele, sailing out of the Oriental Dinghy Club surpassed them for 4th overall by one point.

Still getting used to W10888 Knights of Mayhem, winner of the 2013 Worlds in Mississauga, Ontario, were Lake Townsend's Andy Forman and Jason Leblanc who ended up series 6th in this strong fleet.

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Wayfarer winners: John and Mary Driver

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