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2016 LESC Solo Regatta

Lake Eustis SC

Results are provisional as of 17:42 on February 19, 2016


Sailed: 2, Discards: 0, To count: 2, Entries: 10, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Seed Sail No Helm R1 R2 Total Notes
1 52 > 1
3854 Al Schonborn 1 1 2  
2 54 > 2
2458 Jim Heffernan 2 2 4  
3 157 > 4
3991 Jim Lingeman 5 3 8  
4 367 > 9*
3654 Mike Tighe 4 5 9 * Most Improved
5 124 > 3
10864 Nick Seraphinoff 3 8 11  
6 205 > 6
276 AnnMarie Covington 8 4 12  
7 314 > 8
3492 Jim Burns 6 6 12  
8 181 > 5
10862 Dave Hepting 7 7 14  
9 - 3140 Patti Kuntz 10 9 19  
10 280 > 7
4105 Ken Butler 9 10 19  

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Top Seeds Run True to Form in Inaugural Wayfarer Solo Regatta
Three - dare I say grizzled? - veterans topped the field in a North American first, a single-handed regatta for Wayfarers, hosted the weekend after the Midwinters by the Lake Eustis SC. Saturday, February 6th brought an ideal day for solo sailing: warm sunshine and 5 to 10 knots of generally easterly breeze. After two pretty exciting races for the 10-boat fleet, the winds went for a nap, and racing was called off for the rest of the day. In fact, with a most unpromising forecast on tap for Sunday, the series was called complete, two windward-leeward races of four legs each having been completed.

In race 1, veterans Al Schonborn, Nick Seraphinoff and Jim Heffernan soon distanced themselves from the rest of the fleet. And early bit of wind luck gave Al a lead that he held in good style the rest of the way, while a couple of hundred yards back, Nick and Jim duelled with Nick having an edge upwind but Jim passing Nick going downwind each time.

Following Al, Jim and Nick across the finish line in race 1 was the 9th-seeded Mike Tighe while Jim Lingeman rounded out the top five.

The second race saw Jim Heffernan turn the tables as he got better wind and a nice lead while Al rounded about half-way down the fleet. In one of his better racing efforts in recent times, Al proceeded to sail cautiously and slowly nibbled away at those in front of him. By the leeward mark, Al was up to 3rd, perhaps a hundred yards behind the leader, Jim Heffernan, and just behind 2nd-place Nick (I think). With a his boat geared to solo tacking, Al lured Jim into a tacking duel, the upshot of which was that at the final windward mark, Jim was barely a boatlength clear of Uncle Al. Taking a leaf from Uncle Al's book, Jim gybed to port to "defend the left" and keep his air clear right after rounding the offset mark. Al meanwhile kept up his speed by bearing off slowly. As we neared the finish line, Al was nervously maintaining about a boatlength of lead, as he and Jim ghosted along on port with Al watching for Jim to gybe onto starboard. Perhaps 100 yards from the line, two things became apparent: a slightly better breeze, backed about 20, was filling in, and secondly, the pin end of the line was closer to us. By being the first to gybe, Al cemented his 2nd bullet, and series first. If Jim had won, he would have won on the tie-breaker.

A solid 3rd place finish gave Jim Lingeman series 3rd, just one point ahead of Mike Tighe, whose overall 4th meant he had beaten his seed by 5 places. Congratulations on being the Solo Regatta's Most Improved helm. Nick, who had been doing to well, lost his grip on a few things at one point and by the time things were back in hand, Nick was doomed to an 8th and series 5th with 11 points.

One point back were AnnMarie Covington (8-4) and Jim Burns (6-6) with AnnMarie taking the tie-breaker based on her fine 4th in the finale. Always in the hunt but never a bride (Ah, I do love those mixed metaphors!) was Dave Hepting who ended up with a pair of 7ths.

Each beating the other once were Patti Kuntz and Ken Butler who tied at 19 points, with Patti taking the tie-breaker on the "who beat whom in the last race" provision. Fun for all, and thanks to Tom Kidd, our RO, and his RC. Repeat next year?