North American Rally #20
Killbear Park, Parry Sound, ON *
Sat 10 Aug - Sat 17 Aug 2019
for more information, contact:  Alan Asselstine  or  Kit Wallace

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1995, 2004, 2007, 2010 , 2013 and 2016

updated: 6 April 2019

Subject: the latest from CWA Cruising Secretary, Alan Asselstine  W7348

From: Alan Asselstine []
Sent: Monday, December 3, 2018 8:35 AM
Subject: 2019 North American Wayfarer Rally - Killbear

Wayfarer Rally Goers:

The 2019 North American Rally will be held at Killbear Park on August 10 to 17.  This year, the CWA Long Distance Race will be part of the Rally fun on Saturday the 10th Sunday 11 August with an anticipated Rabbit Start off Mowat Island.  and the the Wayfarer North American championship at the Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club on August 17-18. Rally participants have expressed strong interest in a Long Distance Race.  It will be possible to sail from Killbear park to the start of the LDR.  However, you are best to set up camp and launch your boat at least one day in advance.

This scheduling will allow Wayfarers traveling short or long distances to participate in more than one event on the same trip.  Our survey showed that the August date suited almost all and that there was an interest in combining events.    Details of the North American regatta will be posted later. 

Watch   for schedule changes. 

The booking of Ontario Park campsites opens 5 months before your arrival date.  You book on March 9 for arrival on August 9.  I will send out booking information as the booking date approaches.  See also Steph Romaniuk's advice below.

Alan Asselstine W7346

advice from a Provincial Parks veteran:
From: Steph Romaniuk
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 10:18 PM
Subject: the reservation process

..., the trick is to sign on at 7am sharp when registration opens, not at midnight.
1) Login at 6:50am
2) Navigate to the Map page select a site
3) Watch the clock in the top right corner
4) When it hits 7:00:00, click RESERVE
5) Pray :)
They only time midnight works is on the morning of Feb. 29th. At midnight, sites open up for July 29th, 30th and 31st! This is because there is no Feb. 30,31. So several days become available at once.
My 2 cents... excited already!
N.B. the opening of the reservation window to reservations starting Sat 10 Aug is 7AM EST on Sun 10 March.  Have have list of your desired campsites in the Lighthouse Point area prioritized and be ready and on line with your credit card. If your reservation will start on a different date, the window opening moves accordingly, e.g. 8 Aug > 8 March, etc.