Subject: North American Wayfarer Cruising Rally 
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 
From: "Richard C. Harrington" <>

To all participants, friends & interested parties:

A marvelous account of the happenings that took place at Lake Champlain (including a particularly insightful feminine perspective) has been compiled for us by Jim & Brenda Meara...  The voting has been strongly affirmative for making the rally an annual event.  For this Margie & I are most humbly honored. 

Organizing this year's rally was made especially easy and fun because of all the enthusiasm and support we received right from the start.  It is expected that the timing for next year's rally will be about the same as this year, i.e., around the 2nd week of July.  For the sake of variety, and to make it more manageable driving for the Canadians, we will be looking at the possibility of a different location for 2001.  It will need to be a similarly central location which is within a reasonable driving distance for those coming from central Massachusetts, southern New York and central Ontario, as was Button Bay on Lake Champlain.  It also needs to be a large enough body of water as to provide reliable winds during the hot July doldrums.  (It could still be Lake Champlain, but more northern.)  Send me your thoughts about location, as well as the length of time (this year it was four days - Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday), and any other suggestions.

Best wishes and happy sailing to all,

Dick & Margie

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