the Rally as seen by
Dick & Margie Harrington W887
(left) Ivan Pedersen's ready to go sailing, ("Now where has Suzanne gone off to!").  (right) Friday. No, the black cloud over Jim & Brenda Meara's boat didn't follow them all the way across the lake. A blacker, wetter and windier one came along and took its place!
Friday was a bit breezy and just right for a fast trip across to Westpoat, NY.
Tom Erickson, even with a reef in Opossum, can't quite keep her flat.
Friday at the Westport (swimming) beach and the clouds are getting darker.
"Do any of you blokes remember how this board came out?"
(L to R: Tom, Dick & Jim) 
Friday, Westport beach. 
"Watch out for that rock, Jim!" Brenda Meara is on shore with the painter. 
Our harbor (?) at Button Bay (Vermont) State Park. Abbey Gura (W3475) and the Schönborns (W3854) get ready to join the Saturday sail to Town Farm Bay. Believe it or not, reeds make a wonderful place for parking your boat, even with a strong onshore wind. Crew to skipper, "What was that which just slithered between my legs?" Skipper to crew, "Stop hopping around and hold the boat still, please!"
Saturday, heading home from Town Farm Bay. 
Margie to Dick, "How many miles is it back to Button Bay?"
"Oh, about 10."
"You know we are going to miss dinner at Rosie's, don't you!"
Saturday. What a beautiful day. "I hope those are wind clouds coming?"
Margie Harrington (foreground), Tom Erickson (center) and the Mearas (background)
Saturday. Not a whole lot of wind but what a view of the N.Y. State Adirondacks!
(Actually, it is rare for Lake Champlain to be this placid.)
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