Keys to French, Level 1
the fold-out:
Your complete study guide to French basics in only 7 pages!

* Useful to Students: Keys to French, One provides the first 700 words and simplifies a great deal of complex information. Keys is user-friendly and is a great time saver.

* Useful to Teachers: Keys to French, One provides content for lessons that will help students master the basics of French. Keys complements any text book and enhances skill-building activities.

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Quick access to all the essentials:

Keys to French, Level One
is unique.

The content is clear and concise, yet complete. Well organized information is
available at a glance, and can be used by
anyone, anywhere, anytime.
The design fits a loose-leaf binder. 
It is compact, light and durable. Colour-coding allows quicker access 
to required information.

the Study Sheets
A set of 100 copiable masters which permit users of Keys to French, Level 1  to solidify their grasp of the vocabulary, grammar and verbs knowledge that is presented in the Keys. To see samples, click here.

For $60.00, a school can purchase a set of masters from which to reproduce these sheets for unlimited use within that school. 

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