Keys to French, Level 1
Study Sheet
101 Study Sheets help students to master the fold-out contents.
These sheets present a a complete set of exercises which can be used orally as well as for written practice.
(see sample immediately below)
24 Study Sheets give students the opportunity to work with the really 
essential French words which Keys to French, Level 1 provides. 

Once students understand these words when they hear or read them, and use them 
correctly when they speak or write, they have a solid grounding in French. 

(see sample immediately below)
27 Study Sheets can be used, in conjunction with the fold-out, to teach or review basic grammar points. 

These cover the three grammar points emphasized in the fold-out: 
1. sentence types/structure 
2. gender and number rules 
3. pronoun subjects 

(see sample immediately below)
50 pages of practice will solidify students’ knowledge of variable and invariable forms of verbs, and the subject-verb connection. 

These sheets review the présent, impératif, futur proche and passé composé

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