Keys to French:
Suggested Uses for the Fold-Out and the Study Sheets

The fold-out can be used ...

by teachers

  • to save time and energy planning and photocopying
  • as a ready-to-use study sheet or lesson source (linguistic content)
  • as a teaching aid during class (where each student has a copy of Keys)
  • to facilitate remedial work
  • to prepare students for quizzes, tests or exams
  • to help students review basics as new concepts are introduced
by students
  • as a classrooom aid or a self-study guide at home
  • to check and correct work
  • to find useful ideas/vocabulary for skits, compositions or projects
  • as a ready-to-use study sheet when reviewing for tests/exams
  • to brush up on the basics
  • to fill gaps in knowledge


The 101 Study Sheets help students to master the fold-out contents.

  • Vocabulary: 24 Study Sheets give students the opportunity to work with the really essential French words which Keys to French, Level 1 provides. Once students understand these words when they hear or read them, and use them correctly when they speak or write, they have a solid grounding in French.
  • Grammar: 27 Study Sheets can be used, in conjunction with the fold-out to teach or review basic grammar points. These cover the three grammar points emphasized in the fold-out:
        • sentence types and structure
        • gender and number rules
        • function of pronoun subjects
  • Verbs: 50 pages of practice will solidify students’ knowledge of the variable and invariable forms of verbs, and the subject-verb connection. These sheets review the présent, impératif, futur proche and passé composé.
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