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2020.07.25   Hans Gottschling to sell W938, a wooden classic in flawless form -
a rare opportunity for some wooden-boat aficionado! Call 905-277-3306


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Ken Jensen's W1348 in Danmark's Royal Sailpast on 13 June 2020

On 13 JUN 2020, W1348/KenJensen took part in a socially responsible 1000-vessel sail past the royal Danish yacht's buoy (number 1) in Copenhagen Harbour (more below). Thanks for sharing, Ken.

From: KEN-Krist. H. Jensen [mailto:w1348@hotmail.com]
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2020 5:35 PM
Subject: covid-19 sail 13 JUN 2020


W1348's last time in CPH Port about some 5-6 years ago watching a celebration of 500 years of the  Royal Da-No Navy with many Navy Vessels(Scand.+NATO) parading past the Royal Family, Our Queen, Crown Prince and Princess plus their two children on the Royal Yacht at that very buoy (above) - the Crown Princess being highly pregnant with twins at the time. So after the sailpast the Crown Prince took off his Admiral's cap+jacket in order to help+escort his wife and children down the ladder from the Royal Ship for the chaloupe to take them ashore. Quite certainly he was eager for the cold beer waiting at his Mother's Cabin!


W1348 under main only, and with the right of way, came shockingly close for La-iad in dense traffic; so she completely forgot to take photos. Kicked herself going back to Dragør - a sail that took three hours against foul current and wind as we tacked our way back home. 


All the best - stay well ! Ken the older W1348"Maitken"

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