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(160418)  Events Whiffle returns after 8-year hiatus

Remastered Coaching videos now available

Mike Mac live at TS&CC in 1991 - one of the videos' highlights.
More here.

Twenty-first century cruise planning

Cinching the 2012 Lansdowne Spittoon — jointly
  Greetings, Wayfarer sailors. We are planning cruises a new way! Go to the Cruising Arm of the US Wayfarer Association. From there, go to the related cruise event forums. Have a look.
  • get on board with just your email address in about 15 seconds
  • find all the relevant information in one place
  • add your comments – discuss issues in a “conversational” way
  • include yourself– “follow” an event to get notified of new activity


These forums present event planning discussions clearly and make sure that the information is getting to the people who want it. You can insert your comments where they make the most sense. The “new information” notices sent to you relate to only the events you choose and are limited and meaningful.
They’re your events, your discussions, your plans – just like before with email, but I promise you, it’s easier and way better than email. That’s the whole point. The next time you communicate about Wayfarer cruising, use these forums.

Authorized (optimistically) by your USWA Cruising Secretary, USWA Vice Commodore, as well as multi-time nominee and one-time joint winner of the Lansdowne Spittoon  (photo above and here)

Chip Cunningham   (tending Solje W1321)

Educational Materials

Is the Wayfarer for you?
view Wayfarer brochure  or slide show

Get KISS Your Dinghy here

The Wayfarer Book (5th ed.)
Bob Brown, our W Book man reports: .. a limited quantity of the new 5th ed books are here and available ... excellent additions including info on the new Mk4.. edge on improving your skills and knowledge of our beloved W .. great for club libraries or the individual. In Canada the price is $39.99 delivered. Please contact Bob Brown

Pughs Shine at Midwinters
(160213) Oakville's David and Anne Pugh topped a fleet of 21 boats in the 2016 U.S. Nationals, hosted Jan. 29-31 by the Lake Eustis SC as part of our annual Florida Midwinters.  Midwinters coverage now completed.

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11 April 2016: Conestoga Weekend details & registration link now posted
8 April 2016:  HOT V is a go for 2016 - more here
20 March 2016: Rock Hall 2015: a few more memories from Mike Babowicz
17 March 2016: Winter 2016 SKIMMER posted
Mike Babowicz mini-log posted: a March 2016 sail on the Chesapeake
19 Feb 2016: Midwinters: Solo Regatta results & report posted
Cayo Costa Rally: all pics available thus far have been posted
18 Jan 2016: W1445 enquiry unearths tons of fine memories in July 1976 SKIMMER
12 Jan 2016: Mike Duncan (W10962) contributes to our centreboard knowledge:
a better brake and the anatomy of the Mk IV board

Welcome to Wayfarer School: FREE on-line tuition!
 the Wayfarer Institute of Technology
Safety * Sail Shape * Racing Rules * Rig Tips * Techniques

Expert advice of every kind! If it's not there, I'll find it for you!