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Wayfarer Man lifts Uncle Al, SHADES to
exciting US Nationals win at Tawas Bay

(170913) A regatta filled with children (pic below), great winds, fine weather, superb hosts and a world-class sailing venue, Tawas Bay. Who could ask for more?! And to top it all off, the exciting sailing, which had three boats tied for the lead going into the final race. And then the U.S. title was won by the oldest child of them all, Uncle Al, who was again in 7th heaven what with having Frank "Wayfarer Man" Goulay sailing with him. Results and first five albums here. More soon.

(l to r) Kate, Claire, Sarah, Hannah, Jenna, Nick, Mary,
Izzy, Kathryn, Gabbie, Fitch, Patrick

Close battle for Storer continues
(170918) Pumpkin Regatta action at the Fanshawe YC Sept. 16-17 left the top of the Storer Trophy standings unchanged with David and Anne Pugh holding their one-point edge over Marc Bennett and his wife, Julie, as both sat this one out. Al Schonborn and Sue Pilling each managed to up their points total by three points and now sit 3-4 in the standings, while Jim Heffernan fell from 4th to 5th. Two new faces in the top ten this week: Leo Van Kampen's runner-up finish at the Pumpkin was good for 7 points and moved him into 9th place, while Mike Codd's three Pumpkin points moved into a 10th-place tie with Phil Leonard - more here

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Uncle Al tops Pumpkin results, report album posted

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the Wayfarer book nook
the Wayfarer Book

(170125) The Wayfarer Book covers it all, from racing to reefing. A technical masterpiece now in its 5th edition. Contact our Wayfarer Book Man, Bob Brown for info and ordering.
KISS Your Dinghy

(160429)  KISS Your Dinghy - the KISS principle at its finest. Uncle Al's less complex and beautifully illustrated companion to The Wayfarer Book. Spiral bound for easier reference. More here.

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19 Sept 2017: Pumpkin: results, album and report posted
4 Sept 2017: Rally reactions page now begun with Robert Mosher's addendum
3 Sept 2017: C Nats report by Uncle Al completed
2 Sept 2017: Long Distance Race: coverage corrected
31 Aug 2017: C Nats photos by Kim Bergevin and Uncle Al now posted
30 Aug 2017: seeds now updated with C Nats and Blackbeard results posted
29 Aug 2017: latest (corrected) Storer standings now posted
corrected Canadian Nationals results posted; all Gord Leachman photos now up
28 Aug 2017: latest Storer standings now posted
Canadian Nationals results posted
24 Aug 2017: four more Rally albums now posted
22 Aug 2017: latest seeds now posted; HOT, OBD NOR's posted
21 Aug 2017: Ontarios: results posted
Long Distance Race: coverage completed
3 Aug 2017: WISP International Rally 2017:  Scott & Trish photos are 6th album posted
31 July 2017: Pumpkin Regatta: dates changed to Sept. 16-17
28 July 2017: North Americans: Felix Tang pics added, coverage completed
Killbear 2016 album of Andrew Slonetsky photos added
28 July 2017: North Americans: Uncle Al's report completed
27 July 2017: North Americans: Sunday action shots from Linda Heffernan posted
26 July 2017: North Americans: results, two albums and most of a report posted
30 June 2017: 2017 Mayor's Cup Regatta: coverage completed
Wayfarer Easterns/Governor's Cup Regatta: coverage completed
29 June 2017: GWB Regatta: nostalgia section improved and updated
25 June 2017: Wayfarer Easterns/Governor's Cup Regatta: Gerrit Fahr pics posted
24 June 2017: Warm Water Regatta: results, pics posted
9 June 2017: BOD Regatta: results and some of the photos links now posted

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