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Wellesley Island Rally confirmed for July 25 - Aug. 1, 2020

Lansing's Team Bennett dominates hot 12-boat fleet at Clark Lake

(191001) In perfect summery sailing weather Marc Bennett and Julie Seraphinoff dominated a classy 12-boat fleet of Wayfarers with 3-1-1-1 finishes at the 2019 Clark Lake Fall Regatta. Among those left in the dust were the freshly crowned North American champions, Leo and Joanne Van Kampen, and Peggy Menzies who had taken a most impressive win in the U.S. Nationals at Tawas two weeks before. All photo albums, complete results plus reports here.

Rob Wierdsma, Paul Taylor Team Up for MSC Win

Rob (r) and Paul happily display their Most Improved silverware.

(191001)  Anne Pugh reports that the five races of this year's CL-less MSC Wayfarer-CL Regatta on Sat. 28 Sept. had  "everything except a drifter", but the next day's Moe Fraser Race was blown out and may be re-sailed if there's enough interest. Once Marc Bennett and Julie Seraphinoff had self-destructed, teams Pugh, Duncan and Wierdsma ended within one point of each other in both Total and Nett scores, and the existence of a drop catapulted Rob Wierdsma and Paul Taylor from series 3rd to victory. Congratulations, guys!! Results here, report and a few pics expected.

2022 Worlds coming to Eustis

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