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Feb. 5-7  Wayfarer Midwinters/2020 U.S. Nationals, Lake Eustis SC, Eustis, FL
Midwinters NoR now posted

Sat 27 March  2021 Annual General Meeting (details t.b.d. closer to the date)


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2021.01.24  Nostalgia update: the memorable 2006 Midwinters

2021.01.24   2006 Midwinters champions: A shared learning experience turned out perfectly for the all-crews team of Marc Bennett and Michele Parish (above) who won the overall title sailing W3854. The all-helms team of Richard Johnson and Uncle Al sailed W10139 Free Range Chickin to series 4th and Richard was Most Improved.

It was not until the Sunday that the weather permitted racing - three races.

The Heffernans - Linda and Jim - returned to action after 25 years off.

When Saturday winds abated a bit, a few of us ventured out. While on safety duty Dave Moring captured Marc and Al in action that became the cover shot for Uncle Al's KISS Your Dinghy.

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W Market capsule
(19 Oct 2020)
racing sails for sale
* used racing Mk IV
racing gear wanted
* used spinnaker
* used sails, spi gear
* rudder

  boats for sale

* W3941 Mk1 - Parry Sound
* Mk 2 in Peterborough

* 5 club Wayfarers at TSCC
racing gear for sale
watches - spars - sails

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* to end of L.S.S.A. coverage > Midwinters 2007 begun
* Rock Hall plus archives to end of North Bay 2006; Mayor's Cup; Wayfarers on Wamplers
* N.A. Rallies to end of  2009;  * Hughes-Nughes re-done
23 Jan 2021: Mids 2006 final polish posted
12 Jan 2021: Minutes of CWA Exec. meeting posted
8 Jan 2021: 2021 Chesapeake Cruise tentative plans posted - interest mounting
22 Dec 2020: latest USWA SKIMMER posted
30 Aug 2020: KISS Your Dinghy U.K. edition is now available - details here

the Wayfarer Educational Book Nook

the Wayfarer Book

(2020.10.29) HOT OFF THE PRESSES!!!From racing to reefing, The Wayfarer Book covers it all. A technical masterpiece fresh off the presses now in its 6th edition. Best value option is now ordering straight from the UKWA Store. Contact our Wayfarer Book Man, Bob Brown for  further info.

KISS Your Dinghy

(2020.11.13)   KISS Your Dinghy - the KISS principle at its finest. Uncle Al's beautifully illustrated companion to The Wayfarer Book "keeps it simple" yet complete with the fruits of Uncle Al's more than 60 years of Wayfarer sailing of all kinds. Spiral bound for easier reference.
N.A. & European options now posted.
To obtain the UK edition: you pay Al via PayPal > Al sends your mailing address to Mike Porter who ships the books.
Print self-rescue, halyards updates to editions 1 and 2 here.

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