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2023.10.28  Fogh Marine
2023.10.24    Hans Gottschling covers/tents

2023.10.24   North Sails

2023.10.24   Parallel 45 Marine

2023.10.24   Schurr Sails

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May 3-5: Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta, Annapolis YC, Annapolis, MD

Aug. 10-17: Tom Graefe has provided official 2024 Hermit Island Rally invitation & registration info.


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Latest Seeds23 Feb 2024

Lady Helms Sweep Podium Positions at 2024 Midwinters

2024 Wayfarer Midwinters champions, AnnMarie Covington and Gareth Ferguson in fine Friday form
2024.02.24   Our mostly light-air six-race Wayfarer Midwinters, hosted Feb. 2-4 by Florida's Lake Eustis SC, featured what may have been a sailing first in any major one-design fleet regatta: Our fleet of 21 Wayfarers had five female helms sailing, three of whom placed 1-2-3 in a virtual tie at the top, counting 11, 11 and 12 points respectively. Despite evenly matched racing, it was North Carolina's AnnMarie Covington with Gareth Ferguson, Sue Pilling (W11149 below)) with Steph Romaniuk of Parry Sound, Ontario,  and Michigan's Peggy Menzies (W11158 below) with son, Will Helmen, who rose to the top often enough that their points total were half that of the next closest pursuer. Complete results here; nine albums now posted: Debbie Ward takes us behind the scenes in the all-important club kitchen; 200+ pics from Thursday's practice day; Friday action shots; Al spends the Saturday postponement at the Junior Club; three Saturday races as captured by Richard Kinnie on the pin boat and also by Uncle Al from Hollis Caffee's safety boat; pics taken on shore; awards; trips down and back; more soon.


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2024.02.14  * Mk III in Montreal, QC

2024.02.14  * Mk IVs in East Lansing, MI

2023.09.21  * Abbott Mk III in Madison, WI

2023.07.31  * kit-built W in Parry Sound, ON

2023.07.29  *Mk2 in Peterborough

*Mk 2 now $1500 - Mississauga
gear for sale
*  Heider's inventory clear-out continues
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* used racing Mk IV
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2023.10.28 * Peterborough W needs main

* used spinnaker
 * used sails, spi gear
* rudder

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24 Feb 2024:  * post-Midwinters seeds now available; some progress made on regatta report
21 Feb 2024:  * Midwinters coverage continues: album of pics from our trip down and back

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