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Ken Jensen and La-iad (W1348) check in from Thailand
(190214) Some lovely thoughts and photos as they enjoy their own winter heaven. More here

Lake Eustis couple dominates 2019 Midwinters

(190220) Locals, Dave Moring and Arial Harrington, teamed up to win our 2019 Midwinters decisively at the Lake Eustis SC Feb. 1-3. In a calm-shortened seven-race series sailed Friday and Saturday in medium-strength winds, Dave and Arial impressed totally, dropping a 2nd that the rest of the 20-boat fleet would have been thrilled to keep. After a sizeable gap, the battle for silver was hotly contested with only two points separating 2-3-4. A pair of Oakville, Ontario-based boats ended up taking silver and bronze as David Pugh and wife, Anne, edged out Al Schonborn and Shannon Donkin (Grand Rapids, Michigan) by a single point. Only a point further back in 4th overall was one of two beautifully impressive teams of Wayfarer rookies: Michigan's Peggy Menzies and her ever-so-capable crew, Maggie (16) sailing North America's newest Mk 4, W11158. In series 5th was another treasured new addition to our Wayfarer family: Paul Miller and wife, Dawn, of Mystic, Connecticut, sailing their refurbished wooden Wayfarer 971 that dates back to the mid-1960's. More here. Some shore &  action pics albums now posted. Al's completed report is now posted.

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(170125) The Wayfarer Book covers it all, from racing to reefing. A technical masterpiece now in its 5th edition. Contact our Wayfarer Book Man, Bob Brown for info and ordering.
KISS Your Dinghy

(160429)  KISS Your Dinghy - the KISS principle at its finest. Uncle Al's less complex and beautifully illustrated companion to The Wayfarer Book. Spiral bound for easier reference. More here.

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20 Feb 19: Midwinters: Uncle Al's illustrated report now posted
15 Feb 19: Mids Solo Regatta cancelled due to weather
13 Feb 19: Midwinters 2019: Paul & Dawn Miller (W971) report
Wayfarer Easterns 2019 in Henderson, NC: NoR now posted
15 Jan 19: AGM/Awards: coverage nearly complete
17 Dec 18:  Beach Week: coverage completed with Jim Heffernan report
14 Dec 2018: SKIMMER: latest issue posted
8 Dec 2018: Ken Remembers: the start of a collection of Ken Jensen stories and advice
3 Dec 2018: Killbear Rally: officially confirmed
25 Nov 2018: Wayfarer 2019 North Americans confirmed for Aug. 17-18 at TS&CC
24 Nov 2018: Minutes of today's CWA meeting posted; 2019 Calendar being fleshed out
23 Nov 2018: Old Brown Dog: all pics & results plus completed W report posted
21 Nov 2018: HOT Regatta coverage now complete
14 Nov 2018: 2019 U.S. Nationals confirmed for Tawas Bay Sept. 7-8
12 Nov 2018: IR 2018 report, latest SKIMMER & pics from Beach Week posted
7 Nov 2018: Storer 2018: Uncle Al and eight crews win close battle
HOT and BOD results posted; all HOT albums posted
15 Oct 2018: Hermit 18: coverage completed with Sean Ring's pictorial prodigies

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