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Detroit Duo Dominates

(180310)  Detroit's Doug Scheibner (r) and Andrew Lockhart (l) receive the Designer's Trophy (US Nationals champions) from Eustis mayor, Robert Morin. In pretty much perfect sailing conditions, Doug and Andrew outshone a hot 23-boat fleet in the US Nats which were piggy-backed onto our annual Lake Eustis Midwinters held Feb 2-4. Complete coverage here.



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FLASH! For the 2018 BOD, Wayfarers will be sailing out of the Crescent Sail YC
and racing on Lake St. Clair instead of the Detroit River.

Opportunity of a life-time!!!

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the Wayfarer Book

(170125) The Wayfarer Book covers it all, from racing to reefing. A technical masterpiece now in its 5th edition. Contact our Wayfarer Book Man, Bob Brown for info and ordering.
KISS Your Dinghy

(160429)  KISS Your Dinghy - the KISS principle at its finest. Uncle Al's less complex and beautifully illustrated companion to The Wayfarer Book. Spiral bound for easier reference. More here.

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13 March 2018: GWBR John Cole photos now posted
10 March 2018: Midwinters:  coverage now completed
Solo Regatta, GWBR coverage mostly done - such as it is/was
6 March 2018: no 2018 conflict with Pumpkin Regatta > confirmed for Sept. 8-9
Uncle Al additions to the WIT:
self-rescue - the "scoop" and improve your leeward mark roundings
26 Feb 2018: Mark 4 Racer: like new, for sale in NC
22 Feb 2018: Wayfarer Easterns: confirmed for July7-8 at Tawas Bay
11 Feb 2018: Ton Jaspers memorial pages finally completed
26 Jan 2018: 2018 Clark Lake Fall Regatta confirmed for September 22-23
10 Jan 2018: AGM 2018: coverage nears completion
Longest Wayfarer Cruise ever? my thanks to Brian Laux W1445 for the link
19 Nov 2017: HOT 2017: coverage now completed
15 Nov 2017: Neuse Cruise: all pics now posted

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